Sweet Daily Bread

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Sweet Daily Bread Book

We live in a society where we are consumed by what's trending, what's popular, and what's new. Ironically enough, the more we consume, the more hungry our soul is left. The bread that the world offers can satisfy you momentarily and to an extent. But the bread that God offers works differently, powerfully, and eternally. Jesus Christ is the Bread of Life that satisfies your whole being, fills you, and gives you abundant life. The hungry will not be left with hunger. With that idea in mind, I have created this book to help you turn to the Word of God to devour it bite by bite and allow God himself fill you up generously. Satisfy your soul daily with one sweet bible verse and get a good glimpse of the Word of God by going through the very best bible verses from Genesis all the way to Revelation. Go through the Bible and enjoy every single bite. I promise you that every bite you take will be absolutely delicious and satisfying for your whole being, regardless of which book from the Bible the verse comes from.


  • 92 pages
  • Printable eBook
  • 365 fillable bible verses
  • Bible verses from all 66 books
  • 12 chapters = 12 months
  • 12 bread illustrations
  • Reading checklists


  • January: Genesis - Joshua
  • February: Judges - 2 Chronicles
  • March: Ezra - Psalms
  • April: Psalms - Song of Solomon
  • May: Isaiah - Ezekiel
  • June: Daniel - Micah
  • July: Nahum - Malachi
  • August: Matthew - John
  • September: Acts - Galatians
  • October: Ephesians - 2 Thessalonians
  • November: 1 Timothy - James
  • December: 1 Peter - Revelation


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Are you ready to read one verse a day from Genesis to Revelation and feed your soul all year long?

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92 pages book: Discover, fill out, and read the 365 best bible verses in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

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Sweet Daily Bread

0 ratings
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