Special Treasures From God

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The Word of God is filled with so many treasures, but sometimes because of time, obligations, distractions, and what not we miss them. That's why I have put together a very aesthetic and helpful workbook with 50 crucial topics that affect all Christians in a day to day basis. From finding your purpose in God to receiving emotional healing to fighting sin to feeling complete, you will discover over 450 bible verses that will change your life in the next 100 plus pages.

This Christian-based workbook was designed to help you:

  • explore & understand some of the most common and relatable bible topics in a fun manner
  • discover, write, and store the 9 most powerful verses related to each topic in one place
  • encourage you to dive into scripture and pray
  • give you a cozy space to draw, color, or add your thoughts


  • 157 pages total
  • Printable workbook
  • Available in English and Spanish (you must purchase the Spanish version separately)
  • 50 christian topics, 450 bible verses, 150 christian affirmations, and 50 illustrations to color


  • INTRODUCTION - Each topic includes a short introduction to give you a glimpse on what the themewill be about.
  • ILLUSTRATION - Each topic includes a drawing related to the theme. Feel free to color in each drawing and don't hesitate to add your owndoodles as well!
  • BIBLE VERSES - Each topic includes 9 key bible verse citations. Grab your Bible, look for these verses, and fill in the boxes with the corresponding bible verses for each topic.
  • AFFIRMATIONS - Each topic includes 3 short but helpful affirmations related to the topic.
  • PRAYER - Each topic includes a fillable prayer section. Use this section to write down prayers/prayer requestsrelated to each topic.
  • NOTES - Each topic includes a notes area. Use this area to jot down anything on your mind or any other versesrelated to the topic.


  • Who am I?
  • Dreams + Goals + Plans
  • In need of direction
  • God given purpose
  • Never ending inspiration
  • Who is God?
  • Promises from God
  • Blessings that matter
  • Words that comfort
  • Who is Christ?
  • Grace
  • Mercy
  • Forgiveness
  • Salvation
  • Hope
  • Peace
  • The power of prayer
  • The need of scripture
  • The privilege of praise
  • The necessity of faith
  • Knowing God
  • Trusting God
  • Obeying God
  • Thanking God
  • Serving God
  • Fighting sin
  • Fighting idolatry
  • Fighting temptation
  • Fighting ambition
  • Fighting laziness
  • Fighting anger
  • Fighting fear
  • Wisdom
  • Unity
  • Friendship
  • Proper conduct
  • Discovering love
  • Spiritual healing
  • Emotional healing
  • Physical healing
  • Finding confidence
  • Being understood
  • Feeling complete
  • Provision
  • Rest
  • Strength
  • Courage
  • Joy
  • Patience
  • Perseverance


You will receive your files in the form of a PDF.

This is a printable workbook. No physical product is shipped.

Due to this product being digital, this workbook is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Are you ready to discover and store the most wonderful treasures from God?

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The ultimate workbook for Christians: 150 pages including the best bible verses for 50 topics, an affirmations, coloring, prayer, and notes section for each topic.

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Special Treasures From God

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