Joy Everyday Diary

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"Joy Everyday" is the ultimate christian journal to keep and take everywhere with you all year long!

365 pages to create YOUR OWN diary of bible verses, intentional messages, and heart warming doodles.

  • Read the bible with more intention and less pressure. 
  • Focus on one specific bible verse daily.
  • Fill in one bible verse in your journal every day.
  • "Message For My Heart" section to write down the message each bible verse speaks to your heart.
  • "Doodles With Love" section to illustrate each bible verse to your liking.

Joy Everyday was designed to become a diary of what God blesses you with everyday of the year. Each page was carefully designed to include 3 important sections: bible verse of the day, message for my heart, and doodles with love. Joy Everyday is completely customizable so don't be afraid to add more color, text, cut outs, or anything that will enhance your journal. Joy Everyday is also the perfect sized journal to take wherever you go. Whether you're at home, at work, church, the library, a coffee shop, or on a road trip, take Joy Everyday with you and write away.


  • Neutral & red tones
  • Colored Pages (Inside)
  • 365 pages
  • Size:8.5x11"
  • White paper
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Joy Everyday - 365 page Aesthetic Journal To Store A Bible Verse Daily For The Next 365 Days

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368 pages

Joy Everyday Diary

0 ratings
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