Digital Busy Blogger Calendar

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Busy Blogger Calendar

The ultimate digital calendar for busy bees 🐝

The Busy Blogger Calendar is not a physical product or a printable (you can print it for yourself if you want), it's meant to be used right from Canva (you need a Canva account) By being able to use this calendar straight from Canva, you can re-use every template as many times as you want, duplicate pages, customize to your liking, and easily access on your phone, computer, or tablet! I created every single template (page) in this calendar with the hopes that you can make it your very own, as you set blogging goals, plan ahead content, and schedule articles like a blogging machine! I hope you enjoy this calendar and take it along with you in your blogging journey.


Fillable calendar template on Canva 60+ Pages, including: Aesthetic Elements on Canva page, 12 Monthly Fillable Calendar Covers, 12 Fillable Moodboards, 12 Fillable Goals & Categorize Tasks Sheets, 12 Fillable Week In A Glance Sheets, and 12 Fillable Blog Calendars.

Size: 19.999 x 11.249" or 1920 x 1080 px

12 Fillable Monthly Covers:

Swap out the sample photo with any photo you want and fill in the word of the month with the word of your choosing, every single month. Feel free to get creative with each cover and add more elements, photos, and colors as you like!

12 Fillable Moodboards:
Fill in your mood board at the beginning of every month with photos, quotes, and elements. And feel free to move things around to make your mood board as inspirational, aesthetic, and YOU as possible! Your mood board should be a beautiful reminder of your goals, game plan, and vibes for the month.

12 Fillable Goals & Tasks:

Set yourself up for success by setting your top 5 goals for the month (you can add more elements to spice things up) and categorizing each day by tasks you want to accomplish for your blog! This will help you figure out what blog task you have to work on daily. Remember, rest days are valid too!

12 Fillable Week In A Glance

Fill in each day with the blogging tasks and projects you want to accomplish, replace the sample photo with a photo to inspire you and fill in the date! Please note that there is only one fillable week in a glance template, so you can either duplicate this page 4 times to have a template for each week in the month or you can re-use the same one all month long by just replacing the text/images.

12 Fillable Blog Calendars -The most important page of all 👀

Use the blog post ideas section of this calendar to write down what blog posts you want to write/schedule/publish during the month. Mark what you write as you go!

•Fill in the dates for the month, mark the dates you want to publish blog posts, and fill in the titles of the blog post(s) as you write & schedule your posts. Feel free to include other mayor blogging-related tasks, projects or events on this calendar!

•Use the wins section to write down 4 blogging wins you experience during the month. They can be as little or big as you want - because at the end of the day a win is a win!

File Format – PDF, CANVA Template


This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT TO BE USED ON CANVA. No physical product will be shipped. However, you can print the entire calendar on your own!

Download the file you receive upon purchase and click on "here" on the second page.

Due to this product being digital, this product is NON-REFUNDABLE.

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Ultimate Digital Busy Blogger Calendar: 60 fillable templates to use straight from Canva to organize, plan, and execute your blogging goals, even when you're busy!

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Digital Busy Blogger Calendar

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